Business & Technology Consultancy Services

Business Development

DYG Energy’s Business Development Solution is targeted to Small & Medium sized companies with Solutions & Services aiming at reducing their carbon footprint.

Our goal is to create value and sustainable growth for our customers by identifying new markets, new products and services to meet the need of existing and future markets. Below are some of the services we can benefit from:

New Product Introduction (NPI)

  • Product Requirement Definition (Defining value, Market sizing, Voice of the customer …)
  • Arrange Technical Session with Key Stakeholders (Early Adopter’s Identification, Strategic Partners, …)
  • Creation of your initial business plan
  • Support of your risk assessment
  • Implementation of Agile Methodology

Inquiry to Order (ITO)

  • Sales Represention
  • Create and/or Execute Commercial Action Plan
  • Key Account Management
  • CRM Implementation Support
  • Commercial Process Audit
  • Tendering Support
  • Contractual Model
  • Contractual Negotiation
  • Opportunity / Risk Mitigation Review

Business Transformation

The world economy is changing fast and companies must adapt to the change without compromising with Quality, Safety and Customer Experience. Business Transformation is one of the hardest task leaders and entrepreneurs have to face running their Business because it is not about having the best technology or the best price, it is about your Team and how to make it transparent to your customers with increase satisfactions. Some will embrace change, and some will fight against it.
Your transformation is always a result of your strategy and can be of various nature:

Change Management

  • Merges & Acquisitions
  • Leadership Support
  • Digitization

Turn Around Management

  • Establish New Business Models
  • Enterprise Cost Reduction
  • Organisational Changes

Project Life Cycle Support

Your Business is growing and you need specialized support during execution of your projects. DYG Energy can provide the necessary skills during this phase and ensure customer satisfaction maximizing your operational performances with the following services:

Order to Remittance (OTR)

  • Project Management
  • Procurement Services
  • Engineering Services
  • FAT-SAT Attendance
  • Commissioning Support

After Sales Service

  • Maintenance Support
  • Upgrade Support
  • Obsolescence Strategy
  • Lessons Learned Analysis
  • Decommissioning Analysis

Energy Transition Solutions

Our Goal is to help our society to transform over the next decades so that our children and future generations can enjoy the same privileges than we did. The world is full of start up / medium size companies with great technologies and services which could have an impact on the industrial energy performances. DYG Energy identify those companies, assess technology and maturity of the company to support their development to ensure quality and reliability for the end customer.

Zero/Low Emission Solutions

  • High Power/Energy Battery Solutions
  • Flywheel Solutions
  • Industrial Hydrogen Solutions
  • HV/MV DC Distribution

Energy Optimization

  • Power Plant Operational Optimization
  • High Reliability Power System for Closed Bus Electrification Network
  • Energy Storage Solution (Peak Shaving, BlackOut Prevention, …)
  • MicroGrid Solution
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions
  • Advanced Control Systems