Our Company

Founded in France in 2019, DYG Energy is specialized in business development of innovative products and solutions for industrial application with the goal to reduce energy waste in existing infrastructure but also to provide zero emission solution to the industry for a sustainable future.

Our objective is to identify those future technologies and support its integration to the energy ecosystem ensuring highest safety, reliability, availability and efficiency of the customer process.

Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to DYG Energy. My name is Denis Grynzspan, I have spent 15 years in the electrification & digitization of the oil and gas industry. During this period, I have traveled the world to meet with customers so that I understood their operations but more importantly their challenges. Each customer have their own goals and objectives,becoming more profitable by reducing operational cost or improving asset availability and lately we seen more and more customers focusing on how to reduce their carbon foot.

I founded DYG Energy to provide business and technology consultancy services to achieve those ambitions and also to create a eco system of technology partners so that we can deliver solutions for the energy transition.

Best Regards


DYG Energy’s CEO